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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 3 cm

A4, A3, 630x297mm


80gr. office, 120gr. Color Copy, 160gr. Color Copy, 200gr. Color Copy, 250gr. Color Copy, 300gr. Color Copy, 350gr. Color Copy, 115gr. lucios, 130gr. lucios, 150gr. lucios, 170gr. lucios, 200gr. lucios, 250gr. lucios, 300gr. lucios, 350gr. lucios, 300gr. symbol, 350gr. symbol


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Softcover Trade Book

54,00lei 34,00lei

Sophisticated and elegant free softcover trade book mockup designed to make a great clean presentation of the design of your trade books, in this mockup you just have to edit one smart object to customize the entire cover, is really easy to use.

Sharp Contrast


There’s very little more authoritative than simplicity – and yet, using a simple black and white graphic and a classic cursive font


From 0,00lei

Cărți de vizită tipar digital alb-negru/policromie, față sau față/verso, finisare cu plastifiere mată, llucioasă, SoftTouch, lac selectiv sau/şi colțuri  rotunjite. • Be sure to include your name, title and contact info • For readability, don’t go any smaller than 10-point font • Have some white space to make your design less cluttered Beautiful, consistent colors. Vistaprint just received the G7 Master Qualification, a certification for the highest accuracy, consistency and quality of full-color printing.

Simply Logo


These MiniCards are stylish yet simple – perfect for writers, journalists or editorial professionals who get right to the heart of things. Easy to edit, you can upload your logo and make your MiniCard a small piece of your personal brand.